Dear Applicant

I am delighted to you are considering applying to join the Medical Research Foundation. If you work for us you will play a key role in advancing medical research, improving human health and changing people’s lives. I think that there could not be a more important job to do.

Many of the diseases and conditions that affect human health have been cured or overcome as a result of medical research. But there will always be more to do. Although significant resources are being spent around the world developing exciting new treatments and therapies, there are areas of medical need that receive little or no support and people’s lives that see no improvement. That’s where we step in. The Medical Research Foundation is an independent charitable foundation. Formed by the Medical Research Council (MRC), we grow and nurture people and ideas wherever we see opportunities with great potential. Investing the power of our donations to change medicine and change lives.

We fund and support the most promising health research wherever we discover great opportunities that are not being pursued. We use our donations responsibly and ensure we make the greatest impact where it is most needed. We meet the highest research standards through our unique connection with the MRC.

I hope that you will be as inspired by our vision to improve human health as we are and can relate to our values:

  • Daring
    We dare to be different. We invest in promising medical research receiving little or no support.
  • Diligent
    We spend every penny wisely. We ensure all donations are directly invested in medical research.
  • Human
    Our shared humanity underpins all medical research. We have an unwavering conviction in our responsibility to change lives.
  • Smart
    We will rise to any challenge. We fund the most promising medical research whenever and wherever we are best able to.

We have a talented and committed team who care deeply about and who all contribute to fulfilling our mission. If you are successful in securing a role with us you will be play an important part in:

Changing medicine today. Changing lives tomorrow.

Angela Hind

Angela Hind PhD
Chief Executive

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If you would like to discuss any vacancies with the Medical Research Foundation please contact Sue Manning, Director, Forest HR on 07939 269612 or sue@foresthr.co.uk

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